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All you need to know about skincare in Autumn

Seasons change, and with this come changes not only in what we eat, and the clothes we wear, but in how our skin reacts. Autumn is arriving, so what can we expect as the leaves fall and the temperature drops?

These are some of the changes you can expect, and more importantly, how to prepare for them.

Skin gets drier

The dry autumn air can turn radiant looking, supple skin, dull. Your skin can feel itchy, parched or appear red and botchy.

Some may experience flare ups of conditions like eczema or psoriasis, amongst others.

The change is quite noticeable and can be frustrating and uncomfortable. But, don’t let this dampen your spirit – prevention is key, and thankfully, it’s easy to do with adding an extra layer of moisture, and protection from the sun with our latest product.

Hydration is key

Sudden seasonal changes can make it seem like your usual trusted products aren’t working quite as well as they should. But, what’s more likely is that your skincare regimen isn’t tailored to dealing with the changes in the new season.

You may need to switch to products that promote hydration and healing. Top tip, that your skin will thank you for: Stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day! Eat more food high in vitamin C and D, E and Potassium – these will help boost your skin’s vitality.

Your skin still needs protection

It’s a common misconception that we need to focus on sun protection during summer only. Believe it or not, you can still get sunburnt in autumn. The cool air can be deceiving, and the wind often distracts you from feeling the sun’s heat. While the sun may be less noticeable during autumn, UV rays still penetrate your skin. You can also experience sunburn from reflective surfaces around you. Be sure to apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30+ and higher every day, to protect your skin from pigmentation, premature ageing and the other effects of sun damage.

Autumn is a sneaky, but short season and it can have a big impact on your skin. As you adjust your dally habits this season, be sure to do the same with your skincare routine.