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Comprehensive Protection for fun in the sun this summer


“There is a growing need for additional sun protection, assuring a more integral photoprotection.”

Firstly I would like to point out a few facts regarding the sun. Sunlight is fundamental to human existence. In addition to documented positive effects on mood, it is necessary for some biological processes, such as the synthesis of Vitamin D. As you might know, this vitamin is responsible for healthy bones and teeth. At the same time, however, excessive exposure to sunlight without adequate protection can cause severe damage to the skin. These damaging effects can be minimised by adopting sufficient sun protection measures.


The Heliocare® Advanced range of products provides the highest level of UV protection. Moreover, it has added moisture boost. Furthermore, it is enhanced with Fernblock® as the base key ingredient. Fernblock® is an exclusive standardised extract of Polypodium Leucotomos. This will offer powerful protective, antioxidant and restorative action that works topically and orally. Important to realise is that its key ingredients act on all four radiation types, including UVB, UVA, Visible Light and Infra Red light. In light of the above, it is clear that it prevents immediate radiation damage like sunburn and damage that arises over time. For example, skin ageing, dark spots, loss of defences, allergies and even sun-related skin diseases or disorders. 

By now, it should be as clear as daylight that we offer comprehensive protection for fun in the sun! While this may be true, there are still some additional sun protection facts I would like to share, so please keep on reading!


Traditionally, the only sun protection available was topical photoprotection. However, this type of sun protection is often inefficient, as topical photoprotection products are applied incorrectly or not reapplied sufficiently. Therefore, there is a growing need for additional sun protection, assuring a more integral photoprotection.

Heliocare Ultra Oral Capsules – RRSP: R506-00

The Heliocare Oral Capsules act as an additional layer of protection for you and your family, especially outdoors and when having fun in the sun.

Heliocare Oral Capsules boost your skin’s defence against the sun. In essence, it protects areas of the skin that are otherwise impossible to protect with topical sunscreens. These are areas such as the eyes, hairy areas of the body or tricky areas like the ears. 

Each capsule contains:
Fernblock® Extract, Vitamins C and E, and enhanced with antioxidants Lutein and Lycopene. 

How to use: 
It is vital to use the Heliocare Oral Capsules to supplement, but not to replace topical sunscreen during exposure to the sun. Take one capsule daily before sun exposure. In case of prolonged exposure, take a second capsule approximately 4 hours later. 

Helcioare Advanced Spray SPF 50 – RRSP: R444-00

Heliocare Spray SPF 50 is a unique topical sun protection spray. It is a light and easy-to-apply formulation which is quickly and uniformly absorbed. Evidently, it provides full-body skin protection against daily environmental challenges. Moreover, it is recommended for all skin types.

High protection formulated with Fernblock®, sunscreen filters, repairing, and antioxidant key ingredients which not only protect and neutralise but also repair sun damage. In essence, it offers full-body protection for you and your family. 

Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50 – RRSP: R332-00

Everyday sun protection for the face, neck, and chest area.  

Its fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic lightweight texture is formulated for all skin types, especially for combination or oily skin types. Hence it is perfectly suitable to provide everyday sun protection for the face, neck, and chest area.

High protection formulated with Fernblock®, UVA and UVB filters, and repairing antioxidant key ingredients like Green Tea extract. Owing to its formulation Heliocare Advanced Gel will protect, neutralise and repair sun damage. It was specially designed for everyday wear and tested under dermatological control.


It goes without saying that kids especially love to have fun in the sun. Young children’s skin is delicate and requires adequate sun protection. With this purpose in mind, Heliocare developed the Pediatrics range.

Heliocare 360º Pediatrics Range:

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics range meets the highest photoprotection standards. With Fernblock®+, specific filters and repairing and active antioxidant ingredients, it protects against the 4 types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and Infrared), neutralise and repairs sun damage. They were tested under paediatric, dermatological and ophthalmological control.

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Mineral SPF 50+ – RRSP R340-00

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Mineral SPF 50+ has been specially designed for babies and children with sensitive and atopic skin. It has very high photoimmunoprotection properties with its exclusive 100% mineral filters, which offer broad-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, Visible Light and Infrared radiation (IR-A). The ultra-fluid mineral emulsion is easy to spread and absorbs rapidly. Suitable for face and body in babies older than 6 months and children.

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Atopic Lotion Spray SPF 50 – RRSP: R770-00

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Atopic Lotion Spray SPF 50 is a hypoallergenic formula that protects babies and children even with intolerant, atopic-prone skin. Ideally suited for application on the body and can be used by all skin types.

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Lotion SPF 50 – RRSP – R600-00

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Lotion SPF 50 is a lightweight face and body sunscreen specifically developed for babies and children’s delicate and sensitive skin needs.