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Heliocare Benefits: How Does It Work?

“There is a growing need for additional sun protection, assuring a more integral photoprotection.”

The Heliocare® Advanced range of products provides the highest level of UV protection with an added moisture boost. It is enhanced with Fernblock® as the base active ingredient, an exclusive standardised extract of Polypodium Leucotomos with powerful protective, antioxidant and restorative action that works both topically and orally.

Its active ingredients act on all four types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible Light and IR) and prevent both their immediate damage (like sunburn) and those that arise over time: skin ageing, dark spots, loss of defences, allergies and even sun-related skin diseases or disorders.

Fernblock® Technology

Fernblock has shown numerous topically and orally benefits in more than 50 studies and scientific publications. In addition, its extraction method has been optimised, enhancing its activity and resulting in a new generation extract: Fernblock+.

The effectiveness of this technology continues to be investigated with excellent results.

Sun Protection

Fernblock has been shown to multiply the skin’s resistance to sunburn. Its protective activity extends to the entire radiation spectrum protecting our skin from the specific damage caused by the 4 types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and IR).


Repairing DNA Damage

Solar radiation causes damage to our cell DNA, which builds up and can lead to health problems. Fernblock technology has been shown to prevent the formation of this damage and increase and accelerate its repair.

This activity helps prevent sun damage from accumulating, achieving advanced photoprotection levels.

Antioxidant Activity

The powerful antioxidant action of Fernblock is due to different molecules concentrated in the extract, able to neutralise and eliminate the free radicals generated during and after exposure.


Prevention of photoaging and pigmentation control

Fernblock technology protects our skin cells and increases collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, fundamental components to maintain its structure.

This prevents wrinkle formation and loss of firmness. It also helps reduce the intensity and size of sunspots and improves skin resistance to pigmentation.


Immune defence
Our skin has an important defence system against external aggressions negatively affected by the sun. Increased sun exposure increases our vulnerability. Fernblock protects and regulates skin defences to remain intact against external threats.

Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50 (Oil-Free) – RRSP – R337

Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50 (Oil-Free) is a topical sun protection gel in an innovative lightweight formulation that is quickly and uniformly absorbed to protect the skin against daily environmental challenges.

Key Ingredients include Fernblock, a natural plant extract from Central America with proven photoprotective properties, and technologically advanced filters that provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. An optimal balance between mineral and non-mineral filters is needed to ensure maximum tolerability and cosmetic compliance. Sunsphere Technology increases the effectiveness of the filters, permitting reduced quantities of filters and thus lowering the potential risk of sensitisation and allergies and improving cosmetic characteristics.

Non-comedogenic. Paraben-free. No residue on the skin.

Heliocare Ultra Oral Capsules – RRSP: R514.00

A unique oral photoimmuno-protector that goes beyond traditional sun protection. Heliocare Ultra Oral Capsules boost your skin’s defence against the sun and protect areas of the skin that are otherwise impossible to protect with topical sunscreens, like the eyes, hairy areas of the body or tricky areas like the ears.
The Heliocare Oral Capsules act as an additional layer of protection for you and your family, especially when active outdoors.

Each capsule contains:
Fernblock® Extract, Vitamins C and E, and enhanced with antioxidants Lutein and Lycopene. 

How to use: 
It is essential to use the Heliocare Oral Capsules to supplement, but not to replace topical sunscreen during exposure to the sun. Take one capsule daily before sun exposure. In case of prolonged exposure, take a second capsule approximately 4 hours later.

With Heliocare, you can protect your skin against skin ageing and hyperpigmentation
caused by visible and blue light exposure, including that emitted by electronic devices.

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