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Heliocare Oral Caps:A Breakthrough in Sun Protection and Melanoma Prevention

Melanoma Awareness Month is an essential reminder of the dangers of uncontrolled sun exposure. As the incidence of melanoma continues to rise, new advances in sun protection technology are becoming increasingly important for public health. Heliocare Oral Caps, developed by Cantabria Labs, is a breakthrough in sun protection by boosting the skin’s resistance to the sun from the inside.

Heliocare Oral Caps contain Fernblock, a powerful antioxidant derived from a rare plant species native to Central America. Fernblock is the base key ingredient of Heliocare. It is an exclusive standardised extract of Polypodium leucotomos with powerful protective, antioxidant and restorative action that works both topically and orally. Its key ingredients act on all four types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and IR) and prevent both their immediate damage (burns) and those that arise over time: skin ageing, dark spots, loss of defences, allergies and even skin cancer.

By taking Fernblock orally, Cantabria Labs found a way to add to sun protection by boosting the skin’s resistance to the sun from the inside. Today, with professional backing, Heliocare Oral capsules are the ideal supplement for photoaged or sensitive skin and skin that will be exposed to the sun for long periods.

“I sweat a lot when I play, and I can’t stop midway through a match to reapply the cream. Knowing I am getting added sun protection from the inside strikes me as important progress,” said Rafa Nadal.


Heliocare 360 Oral Capsules (30 capsules)
RRSP – R696-00

Heliocare 360° Capsules are recommended to complement topical photoprotection (sunscreen) during the months when the sun is at its highest intensity and longest solar exposure. These capsules are especially beneficial in helping to protect those who are at high risk of skin cancer, pigmentation and skin ageing. They should not be used in place of a high-factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen but to provide an extra layer of protection.

Heliocare Ultra Capsules (30 capsules)
RRSP – R545-00

Capsules with high content in Fernblock®, which increase the skin’s resistance to the sun from the first capsule and neutralise and repair sun damage. Homogeneous protection is achieved in combination with topical photoprotection for hard-to-reach areas (scalp, eyes, ears, etc.). Its formula includes vitamins D, C and E, lutein and lycopene. Gluten-free.

This Melanoma Awareness Month, take action to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of excessive sun exposure. Please speak to your dermatologist about Heliocare Oral Caps and incorporate them into your daily sun protection routine today.