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New Heliocare 360° MD A-R Emulsion SPF50+

Heliocare 360° MD A-R Emulsion SPF50+ offers very high photoprotection for sensitive skin prone to redness with a light texture for a smooth finish that fades redness.

It is enriched with Fernblock® to offer protection against the four radiations (UVB, UVA, Visible, IR-A) and light.
With an exclusive AR System targeted to protect against the factors that trigger the appearance of redness in sensitive skin:

  • Physavie: Restores the skin barrier and the natural antioxidant defences of the skin
  • Rosabora: Helps restore the normal microcirculation of the skin and decreases angiogenesis and vasodilation
  • Glutathione: Powerful antioxidant with an anti-inflammatory activity that also stimulates the immune responses

How to use:

Shake before use. Apply approximately two full finger lengths of product to the face ensuring that you apply the product evenly. Ensure you get full coverage up to the hairline and around the eyes, taking care not to get the product into the eyes.

Reapply every 2 hours during periods of high exposure, after sweating, swimming or towelling the skin.

This silky fluid also contains pigment, so it not only melts into the skin but also helps to unify the skin tone and blur blemishes. The tint is suited to skin Fitzpatrick I-IV.